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Customizing User Registration and Login with Dynamic Forms and Workflows

In this tutorial we are gonna checkout some of the new features that were introduced with the advent of Orchard 1.9.
Specifically, we are going to see how we can leverage Dynamic Forms and Workflows to create our own Login and Registration screens without the need for a custom module.
So shutdown Visual Studio (unless you're using it to launch IISExpress) and let's get started!

Orchard Layouts

Layouts is an exciting new Orchard 1.9 feature, enabling users to visually design grids and layout elements.
The feature is fully compatible with grid systems such as Bootstrap.
In this post, we'll have a close look and see how and what we can use it for.

Disabling Client Certificate Revocation Checks in a Web Role

In my previous post Making IIS Configuration Changes in a Web Role Startup Task I explained why certain IIS configuration changes are tricky to do in web role startup tasks, and showed a robust generic approach to overcome this obstacle. In this post I'll show how you can apply that method for the specific purpose of disabling client certificate revocation checks in your web role.

Making IIS Configuration Changes in a Web Role Startup Task

Making advanced IIS configuration changes in a web role in Azure Cloud Services can be extremely tricky to accomplish due to the fact that IIS has not yet been set up at the time when startup tasks execute. This post outlines a robust approach to overcoming this obstacle by registering an event-trigger task with the Windows Task Scheduler to defer the IIS configuration changes to the exact point in time when IIS setup has been finalized.

Ways to render lists of things

In this post, we are going to check out some of the ways available to us to render lists in Orchard and do a deep-dive. Not only are we going to see how we can customize individual shape items, but also how we can take over the entire rendering of the list.