My Very First E-Book

The book's title is: Mastering Orchard Layouts.

It took me quite some time to finish it, but it finally has all the content I think it should need.

The book aims to explain everthing there is to know about the Orchard Layouts module for users, themers and developers alike, hopefully providing users with a thorough understanding of the module.

Although it's still rough around the edges, we think the content is rich and important enough to get it out there.

And, as Orchard changes over time, so too will I update the book.

Since this is an e-book, you will receive updates should you choose to purchase your very own copy.

When you do, please do let me know what you think of it in the comments below. For example, did I miss anything important? What parts are too detailed, and what other parts too little?

Also, some sections of the book are probably better off as documentation sections, such as the "Meet the Elements" chapter for example.

In any case, this is the URL to the book's homepage:

Many thanks to everyone involved! Special thanks go to Chris Payne and Rob King, who spent quite a lot of time proof-reading the manuscript. Thank you for not being afraid to point out both minor and major flaws and offering alternatives. It made all the difference. Please keep'm coming!

Happy reading!


  • ... Posted by Mel Posted 06/27/2016 01:15 PM

    How many pages in the book?

  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 06/27/2016 02:07 PM (Author)

    239 pages.

  • ... Posted by Johan Posted 06/27/2016 10:09 PM

    Thank you,

    I will gladly buy your book. Documentation is what many of us programmers find boring to do but it is essential to have. It saves so much time and energy to get good guides from people that know their stuff how to get things done. I wish there where more guides available, especially video guides. An updated pluralsight video for instance.

  • ... Posted by Mel Posted 06/28/2016 06:12 AM

    Yes, the last Pluralsight module development video I saw was quite some time ago! It would be good to see some updates. Shame there isn't a version of your book for each and every module (I'd buy that) as it's very hard tracking down good information and examples and you are always too busy to respond to all requests for help (when you do it is very appreciated!) Speaking of which....(just kidding, not here, not now...)

  • ... Posted by Oryza Posted 06/29/2016 03:58 AM

    Hi Sipke, If i buy the book, do i get its update automatically (maybe a notification by email) or do i have to buy it again?


  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 06/29/2016 08:06 AM (Author)

    Hi Oryza, if you buy the book, you'll automatically receive email notifications with a download link to the updated version. You do not have to buy it again.

  • ... Posted by Mel Posted 07/05/2016 09:40 AM

    OK, so I bought the book! The technical details are excellent, and after a skim through I can see there are some good detailed examples. however, whilst still getting used to orchard, I find that the earlier chapters (1 & 2) still leave me with a 'how do I use them' feeling. I'd like to see a walkthrough of taking some existing content (e.g. that has body part rather than layout part) and converting it to use layout. Maybe some images for each of the Chapter 1 existing layout Options? When you get to 'Enter Orchard.Layouts' at the end of Chapter 1 you have an example layout but I still don't see how it is used - at this early point in the book it would be really good see a practical example.

    It's still a great and invaluable book, I wish there was a book like this for every Orchard feature! Just a bit of padding for Orchard n00bs...

  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 07/05/2016 11:15 AM (Author)

    Hi Mel,

    Thank you for your purchase, and thank you for your excellent feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time, and I think you are making an excellent suggestion. I added it to my list of improvements for the book. The 2nd edition will be released shortly after Orchard 1.11 is released.

  • ... Posted by Robert Posted 07/19/2016 12:43 PM

    Any plans for a similar book for Orchard.DynamicForms?

  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 07/19/2016 01:20 PM (Author)

    Yes, although I hace not decided yet whether to do that one first or a book on theming. We'll see. :)

  • ... Posted by Todd Posted 08/04/2016 07:36 PM

    The link yields a runtime error, whether trying from this site or via

  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 08/09/2016 02:52 PM (Author)

    Hi Todd, I suspect it was a temporary glitch with the e-commerce provider. Please try again and let me know if you're still experiencing any issues. Thanks!

  • ... Posted by Abbey Posted 09/29/2016 11:27 AM []

    I have KoboGlo HD ebook reader. Will this ebook open in it?

  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 09/29/2016 11:40 AM (Author)

    Hi Abbey, it definitely should, see:

    The zip file you get when purchasing your copy contains EPUB, MOBI and PDF versions of the book.

    Thank you for your interest!

  • ... Posted by Tomasz Malinowski Posted 11/27/2016 11:38 PM

    I've read your book and created a container element according to it, but I can't get over the issue of restricting its sub-element types. Basically I want to create a Grid-like element that will allow users to choose between fixed-width grid (Bootstrap container class) and full-width grid (Bootstrap container-fluid class). However, I can't force the layout engine to allow Row elements as direct children of MyGrid - it only allows Grids and Content, even though I'm calling, ["Row"], children); in my Model.js. I can add a Grid as a child and create Rows within it, but that defeats the goal of having a full-width grid container, as my child Grid will override its parent MyGrid full-width class. How can I allow MyGrid to contain just Rows, just like the built-in Grid? Or, even better - is there a way to override the built-in Grid and force it to display an editor, in which the user could select the desired grid width or class, so that I can apply a proper class in my template without rewriting the entire element?

    BTW, I've found the code for various elements described in the book on your Github, but there's no reference to it in the book itself. It may be helpful for other people if you added it :)

  • ... Posted by Mel Posted 04/24/2017 04:47 AM

    Still waiting for V1.11 of Orchard and V2 of your book...

  • ... Posted by AFL Sports News Posted 05/11/2017 10:58 AM []

    Hi Sipke, If i buy the book, do i get its update automatically (maybe a notification by email) or do i have to buy it again?

  • ... Posted by Sipke Schoorstra Posted 05/11/2017 12:58 PM (Author)

    Hi, if you buy the book, you'll automatically receive email notifications with a download link to the updated version. You do not have to buy it again.

  • ... Posted by Maria Johnson Posted 05/29/2017 03:27 AM []

    Hi Sipke, Just download it...hope it's worth to reading. Thanks for sharing.

  • ... Posted by Way2flowers Posted 06/14/2017 04:44 AM []

    Hi Sipke, First of all Congratulation for your first E-book. I believe it is very great moment for you. Keep doing ahead.

  • ... Posted by ashish Posted 09/19/2017 05:59 AM

    Hi Sipke Schoorstra Congo for your frist book. i am waiting for your second e-book .

  • ... Posted by NMC Posted 09/19/2017 06:36 AM

    Congratulation for your first Book.If i buy the book, do i get its update automatically or do i have to buy it again?

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