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Calling Salesforce SOAP APIs from a .NET Core or UWP App

Integrating with the various SOAP-based APIs on the platform has traditionally been relatively easy using the WCF client tooling for the full .NET Framework. If you're targeting .NET Core or UWP however, things are trickier because the tooling that generates the client proxy code lacks support for the SOAP headers used by these APIs for things like authentication. This post shows how you can work around that limitation by hooking into the WCF client pipeline to add the necessary SOAP headers.

Why Tabs Are Better Than Spaces

It's often said that arguing with a developer is like wrestling with a pig in the mud - after a while you realize the pig likes it. In a recent Orchard weekly community meeting the age-old issue of tabs vs. spaces for indenting source code came up briefly for debate. Being a total pig, I enjoy these discussions. But more importantly it reminded me that I should write down my arguments once and for all. This post is my tabs manifesto. :)

Customizing User Registration and Login with Dynamic Forms and Workflows

In this tutorial we are gonna checkout some of the new features that were introduced with the advent of Orchard 1.9.
Specifically, we are going to see how we can leverage Dynamic Forms and Workflows to create our own Login and Registration screens without the need for a custom module.
So shutdown Visual Studio (unless you're using it to launch IISExpress) and let's get started!

Orchard Layouts

Layouts is an exciting new Orchard 1.9 feature, enabling users to visually design grids and layout elements.
The feature is fully compatible with grid systems such as Bootstrap.
In this post, we'll have a close look and see how and what we can use it for.