Welcome to IDeliverable!

Who are we?

IDeliverable is a company of like-minded individuals with a true passion for .NET based software development and cloud computing.

What do we do?

We provide software development, consulting and training within our three areas of focus.

.NET software development

Microsoft .NET is at the core of everything we do. We have worked with .NET since its inception back in 2000 and are exceptionally proficient in all aspects of the platform, including its languages, frameworks, services and tools. Whether it’s the latest ASP.NET technologies with HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript frameworks, Windows Phone and Windows Store apps with XAML, or more enterprise oriented Windows Forms or WPF rich client apps with WCF based service back ends, we’ve done it all for years and feel right at home.

Microsoft Azure

We are true believers in cloud computing, and as far as hosting goes, we believe there’s no better home for .NET based applications than Microsoft Azure. And so we have worked hard in the past few years to become experts in every nook and cranny of this platform. Our expertise includes architecting and designing applications for Microsoft Azure, adapting and migrating existing applications to Microsoft Azure, automating Microsoft Azure deployment and building hybrid solutions involving both on-premises components and Microsoft Azure.

Orchard CMS

When it comes to web site development, the Orchard CMS is our framework of choice. We have worked with Orchard for almost four years and have built a wide array of web sites, large and small, using it. We have two developers who participate actively in the development of Orchard and who have commit rights in the official Orchard source code repository. One of them is even on the Orchard steering committee, so it’s fair to say we have our ears to the ground when it comes to what’s happening in the Orchard community.

Oh and in case you're wondering - yes we do walk the walk: this website itself was of course built with pride on the Orchard CMS and is running cool on Microsoft Azure.

How do we do it?

Simply put: extremely well. We are not too modest to say we are among the best and brightest at what we do, and have a true passion for putting our talents to good use. Here are some other things that we believe set us apart:

True passion

We are not your typical eight-to-five software developers. Software development is as much a passion and a hobby for us as it is our profession. We do what we do because we love it, and we would probably keep doing it even if we weren’t getting paid.

Attention to detail

We are detail-minded people who believe excellence and consistency in the details is what separates stars from mediocrity, and we have come together to form this company in large part because we recognized this like-mindedness in each other. This shows in the work we do and the code we deliver.

No compromises

If we can’t deliver outstanding quality, we’re simply not having fun. For us, meeting functional requirements is only half the job. Our motivation lies in meeting those requirements in the most elegant, solid and maintainable fashion possible given the circumstances.

Do what it takes to deliver

We take our promises and deadlines more seriously than some might consider healthy. This means we do whatever we can to deliver on our promises, even if it means working late hours or the occasional weekend. But more importantly, it means we don’t make promises lightly.

Latest technology

We believe there’s real value in staying at the leading edge of technology, and that using the latest versions of tools and frameworks saves time and effort. For that reason, we often advocate for keeping up with an evolving technology stack, and we set aside time to do so whenever we can.

Build for change

We are somewhat of a neat-freak bunch, who value clarity, cleanliness and simplicity. We do that extra bit of refactoring or code clean-up to make sure that both we and others can effortlessly read, understand and modify our code in the future, and we take pride in delivering simple solutions to complex problems.

When can we start?

If you like what you see and think we might be able to help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we would be delighted to chat with you to discuss your needs. Send a quick message to whatsup@ideliverable.com or simply get in touch with someone on the team via email or Skype.

Sipke Schoorstra

Orchard CMS Specialist
Email: sipke@ideliverable.com
Skype: sfmskywalker
Speaks English and Dutch.

Daniel Rosenberg

Cloud Computing Specialist
Email: daniel@ideliverable.com
Skype: daniel.stolt
Speaks English and Swedish.

Neda Motabean

Graphics and UX designer
Email: neda@ideliverable.com
Skype: neda.mot
Speaks English, Farsi and Swedish.

Chris Payne

Force.com/Apex Specialist
Email: chris@ideliverable.com
Skype: chris_26369
Speaks English. Like, really well.